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I’m David Marks, and I put this site together as a fun way to share what many of us have experienced on the internet: Rabbit Trails.

If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “I’ll just browse a few minutes.” then resurfaced hours later when someone said “You can reheat your supper yourself!” you’ve experienced rabbit trails.

If you’ve said to yourself, “I wonder what THAT means!” and then staggered to bed well after curfew, you’ve experienced rabbit trails.

We, the curious and imaginative browsers, can rarely resist checking out one more interesting link before calling it a night (or day, for that matter). And I’m not talking clickbait. We are far too experienced to fall for that, aren’t we? (Ok, maybe not) But one thing really does lead to another when you’re interested in many things and enjoy chasing down details that lead others to say, “Meh.”

I hope you enjoy my wanderings and don’t miss tooooooo much of your favorite TV show because of them. Also feel free to share your own. Drop me a line at Happy trails!

Oh yeah… here’s where you can learn about the Oxford comma.